Sexy Fairy Tale Character- Contest entry

Digital painting done for a another contest of
The theme was a “Sexy Fairy Tale Character”, and i didnt wanted to get to much obvious drawing just a sexy character, so i come with this idea.



Final one:


Small comic| mini bd

A minha primeira “bd” digitalmente. É uma especie de curta, a tentar ter graça.
My first digital “comic”, just a really small one.
2nd panel- And the winer of the bigest national karoke contest is…
3th- … Joana!
4- congratulations!
-Thank you.
5- congratulations! You deserved it!
7-another one.  You never get tired of wining so much karoke contests do you?
-AH AH AH  While i dont get tired of singing, no.
8- Now you have to wait until the next year. right?
-For what?
– For you be able to enter in more karaoke contests.
9- No       there still one more contest!
10- idolos( the portuguse logo of the british show- Pop Idol) or American Idol.
Sorry my enlish.